UPROAR: As Chiefs collude to block hungry youth from securing census jobs



Youths struggling to secure temporary jobs during the upcoming National census exercise are having to put up with red-tape bureaucracy as well as locals administrators who are colluding to keep them out of the excecise.

This is despite being shortlisted by the recruiting body.

The corrupt chiefs seem hellbent on making sure their dreams remain just that – a dream.

“There are cunning tumbocrats colluding with local chiefs to shut down the dreams of young people. Most chiefs are writing bad recommendation opinions to the officials for the purpose of denying our youthful generation an opportunity to participate in census exercise and earn some upkeep”.

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“Its so saddening when young people comprising both Form Four leavers and fresh university graduates go to apply for census Enumerators and supervisors jobs only to come up against the harsh competition of well-connected civil servants, school principals, and senior government officials.

It’s more saddening to see chiefs making bad and funny remarks to the National Youth Council members, by calling them impatient, government critics, people with criminals records and so on.

The county diary call upon the well connected individuals not to scramble for this low cadre job meant to empower youths and the jobless in the society,Please mind leaving these mini-jobs to youths who are really looking for college and university fee/upkeep.

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The government usually comes up with such programs like NIIMs, census empowers jobless youths most.To give them small capital to startup life and engage in business.

It is so saddening when we see salaried employees busy taking up August leaves in order to compete with unemployed young people merely Form 4 leavers and others fresh from college/universities who are equally their sons and daughters in securing CENSUS JOBS.

Let them leave this enumerator, Content supervisors, and ICT supervisors jobs for us the YOUTHS. When you deprive us of being responsible now, how do you want us to mold our future? do you want us the youths who are really looking for college and university fee/upkeep do?


The government comes up with such programs like Niims, census, etc to empower jobless youths mostly. To give them small capital to startup life and engage in business.

We urge our able interior ministry, county commissioners and DCC to protect the young people from this egocentric Kenyans.