Director of Revenue Mr MUMO leads Exercise Decongest Throughfares In Kitui Town



On Tuesday 16th March 2021 – the Kitui Director of Revenue Mr Martin Mumo led the County officers in cleaning, decongesting and streamlining the parking area within town.

How Business people have encroached Kitui town parking area, the government seeks to streamline the area.

During the peaceful excercise he was accompanied by the Deputy Municipal manager in charge of Finance Madam Faith Mwema, Stephen Kitheka, Mr Robert Sivi among others officers from the the Revenue departments, and inspectorate officers.

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The successful exercise started from Kitui CBD area all the way to the industrial area, the exercise will continue until Friday.

The exercise was welcomed by majority of Motorists who spoke to the COUNTY DIARY – Saying the town had no parking and it was a night mare for the motorists while at the CBD area.

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The big business people in Kitui had encroached the parking area making it impossible for the motorists to have parking area.

Speaking to the TCD, the Director of Revenue Mr Mumo reaffirmed that his officers will continue to streamline, decongest all town in Kitui in a move to make it clean as possible.[16/03, 19:05] Martin Mumo: Speaking to TCD …..Make the town clean and enhance parking revenue.

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The exercise will continue tomorrow at Kalundu, Kundakindu and other area.