DILEMMA: No easy way for the kamba and Kalonzo Musyoka


By Iko Siku

Yesterday’s political events (Monday, May 16, 2022) in Azimio-Okoa Kenya Alliance and at Wiper Democratic Movement are momentous and loaded with deep meaning.

They have thrust the Kamba nation and their political kingpin into a moment of serious soul search and thought as well as a re-evaluation of their political destiny under Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (SKM).

One wonders whether those events portend Kalonzo’s political end or a rebirth. What options exist? What does it mean for the Akamba people and their political kingpin?

Truly, the Akamba nation finds itself stuck at political crossroads; facing the greatest dillema in their political history.

These events are serious because since independence in 1963, the Akamba were always deep in the governments of Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and lastly in Mwai Kibaki’s.

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But in 2013, the entire community was thrust into opposition politics courtesy of Raila Odinga-Kalonzo Musyoka aĺliance. It was a fusion of two characteristically incompatible people.

Raila is shrewd, radical, battle hardened and a master political strategist and fierce fighter and annihilator. On the contrary Kalonzo is a suave, humble, calm, overtrusting, conservative and peaceable politician who rose to the ranks through absolute loyalty rather than by fighting his way.

For Raila, nothing has come to him by sheer loyalty or on a silver platter but outright tactical wars and hardwork.

Yesterday, the two leaders, who have been strange bed fellows since the days of Coalition for Restoration of Democracy (CORD) parted ways after months of incessant bickering.

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It is now a moment of great dillema as Kalonzo and his political base find themselves at the crossroads like the proverbial hyena.

They must choose between going it alone and face the legal and political consequences or take up Raila’s offer of a Chief Minister and still face the same challenges.

There are three options floated in common street banter as well as among varied political analysts.

One accept the Raila offer of Chief Minister and manouvre his way inside Azimio. Two, join the Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza and still manouvre his way. Three, proceed to vie under Wiper or as an Independent and face the tumults that abide on that highway.

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All of the choices are wrought with scores of hurdles to surmount. He needs good brains, tough foot soldiers and a financial war chest to woo and lobby the AKamba nation and other Kenyans to solidly stand behind him.

After all is said and done the Big Questions still remain unanswered.

Is this Kalonzo’s political waterloo? Has he struck his sale by date?

Will he survive the onslaught from his avowed national political enemies?

How will he tackle the onslaught from his local detractors like Kitui, Machakos and Makueni Governors Charity Ngilu, Alfred Mutua and Kivutha Kibwana?

Will he succeed in rallying the Akamba to toe his line and deliver a united vote?

Ultimately, which way for the Akamba and their political kingpin Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka?

Only time will tell.