Did you watch Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi Speak to Jeff Koinange during the #JKLive?


Did you watch Dr mukhisa speaking during the jkl talk show? Well, if or whether you did or not, let me drop to you, some of the most worrisome statement he said……

“I brought to Africa, the founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma – Alibaba;First to Kenya, University of Nairobi and State House Kenya, and then to Rwanda Statehouse, and the Cabinet.

After he left for China, President Paul Kagame himself followed up on what they had discussed. Jack Ma started marketing Rwanda’s coffee worldwide and in less than 3 months, the price of Rwanda’s coffee tripled.

Lives of many coffee farmers have changed. But no one in the Kenyan government followed up.”

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My take now, This is an exact replica of the Nigerian icon, Aliko Dangote who came to Kenya, and expressed heavy will to set up a cement and salt manufacturing plants, first to reduce their prices, and secondly to create jobs for YOUTHS.

He was chased away by Ridiculous demands to pay Huge Bribes, and heavy Kickbacks, and on top, to slash to the musketeers, shares of Dangote Group of he was to set up anything in Kenya. He laughed loud and went to Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, PM Desalegm Haile Mariam, convened emergency Cabinet Sitting and prepared a government party to express goodwill. All the religions in Ethiopia suddenly fell on the knees to commit Aliko to God so that he would stay.

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He was given instant citizenship to belong. And a VVIP visa entry without reason to justify.
Ethiopia today looks back and thank heavens they did not relent.

Our government, with hyenas at strategic positions, looks back and fizzles. They are happy to have stolen from the taxpayer, what Aliko refused to part with.
They have eaten everything and gotten so full in the stomachs, they are wondering how HUNGER can kill humans. They are denying in press conferences.

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Because Jack Ma did not bribe, these vultures did not follow to market our coffee, or our coast, or our animal game drives, or our tea, or our diversity. Or the beauty of our women who defies the tropical razes of the sun to maintain illustrious beauty.

Leadership is everything, from the basic unit the family is, to the Presidency the country depends on, upon which, everything rises and falls and/or rises.