Women love a deluded man. They are always searching for a deluded man, somebody who is mad and insane. Because the insane is very attractive: the mad, the deluded, has a certain magnetism. He is full of possibilities, dreams. Women love a dreamer.

And men? Men love a sane woman – otherwise, they will REALLY go mad – to keep them back on the earth. The woman represents the earth. A man needs a woman because he has no roots in his own being.

He needs a woman, the warm earth, the dark soil, where he can have his roots and remain rooted in the earth. He is afraid – he has wings but no roots. And he is afraid that if he is not holding to the earth he may be gone, he may disappear into the infinite sky and there may be no coming back. That fear keeps people running after women.

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And a woman has no wings. She has roots, great roots; a woman is pure earth. And she is afraid that if she remains alone she will never be able to fly into the unknown.

Man cannot live without a woman, because then he loses roots. He simply becomes a vagabond.

Then he belongs nowhere, Just see a man who has no woman: he belongs nowhere, he has no home, he becomes driftwood, just waves take him anywhere – unless he gets entangled with a woman somewhere; then the home arises.

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Researchers say that the home is the creation OF THE woman. If man had lived alone, there would have been no home and no civilization either. He would have been a wanderer, a hunter; he would have gone from one corner to the other corner.

A man without a woman is a wanderer, a vagabond. Hence, sooner or later, he needs to get rooted. The woman becomes his earth. Unless a man finds something in him that can become his earth unless the man finds his own inner woman, he will have to look for the outer woman.