By Stephen M Mutua

A child is born auto-sexual, masturbatory. In the second stage he moves towards homosexuality. A boy is interested in boys, a girl is interested in girls. Then in the third stage, one becomes interested in the opposite. But one can remain stuck in the first stage. Then a man or a woman remains masturbatory. But that is childish, and you are losing much for nothing, because the same energy could have been used for a great transformation. and a great experience.

Masturbation is the lowest possibility of sex. It may be helpful as a relief, but it won’t give you fulfillment.One can be stuck in the homosexual stage. This is better than masturbation – at least one moves to somebody else, at least a relationship is created, at least one goes out and makes contact – but it is not enough. It is more satisfying than masturbation, but not enough.

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When you love the opposite you have moved to the highest peak of sex energy. Then polarities are like peaks – energies moving opposite and creating a great tension, and then coming together. The further apart you are, the deeper is going to be the orgasm; the meeting is going to be a tremendous phenomenon.

These are the three stages of human sexuality. If you pass from these three, only then the fourth is possible – which is beyond sex, which Indians have called brahmacharya. But that is possible only when you have passed from all these natural stages. It is very difficult to become brahmacharya from homosexuality; it is even more difficult to come from masturbation.

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I know there are a few profits in the homosexual stage, and the greatest is that because you are not opposites, the conflict is not so much – hence homosexuals are gay. Heterosexuals are always fighting because of that oppositeness – so that fight is worth it.

And in that tension, some harmony is possible which is not possible in homosexuality because there is no tension. In masturbation there is no problem, not at all. It is the least problematic because there is no other. In homosexuality there is a little problem, and in heterosexuality, much. People become afraid of the problems, and that’s what’s happening in the West.

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Many people have become afraid of the man/woman relationship. It has become so ugly, with conflict, possessiveness, this and that – it is better to settle for less, and avoid this conflict.
But when you avoid conflict, you avoid some beautiful things too which were possible in it, and only in it.

Think about it