Development genius Col (Rtd) Munuve At the Helm of Mwingi West CDF chase


Mwingi West.

Meet Munuve The Development Genius At The Helm Of Mwingi West CDF

Story by the CD blog correspondent.
– September 19, sep 2018

The Col (Rtd) Francis Mutinda Munuve, currently the chairman at helm of Mwingi West Constituency CDF ranks as the most sought after top disaster management person at the (UNOCHA).

This is because the soldier has highly chequered career in Leadership and Management, at the top echelons of Kenya’s military,

He stands unchallenged like an Egyptian pyramid let’s go deeper follow us for more as we highlighten his prowess.

The career manager possess diverse leadership and management experience fits the bill as the most able and qualified person chairing the CDF committee in Mwingi West Constituency.

This is according to a professional profile seen by the county diary reporters on Thursday evening at his home.

Col (Rtd) Munuve completed his Form 4 education at St. Charles Lwanga School in Kitui in 1973 with Division one ( Div 1) and thereafter joined the military as a Cadet after which he was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in 1975.

A career soldier, Munuve would grow through officer cadre to become a full Colonel working in different command and staff capacities till 2001 when he left the noble Military service.

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While in military service, Col (Rtd) Munuve attended various courses among them Senior Infantry course in Kenya, Advanced Military training in USA, Staff Course at Defence Staff College Karen, Disaster Management and Senior Administration Course.

During his military service, Col (Rtd) Munuve commanded infantry Battalion and Kenya Battalion 1 (KENBAT 1) in United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFR) in Former Yugoslavia in 1992/3.

He trained several officers and men in military training institutions. Among his students at the training college included cadets, amongst them is the current Airforce Commander and the first woman Major General in the history of Kenyan Military.

Highly Decorated With 7 Medals

Col (Rtd) Munuve is a highly decorated officer. He is accorded with seven (7) medals among them United Nations (UNPROFOR).

Member of Burning Spear (MBS) and French Defense Medal for having saved French Soldiers holed up by Serbian opposing forces in a church along the Adriatic Coast in Croatia in April 1993 where six (6) soldiers were killed by directed bombing.

Col (Rtd) Munuve highly chequered UNHCR Career (Rtd) Munuve joined the UNHCR as Field Safety Advisor in 2002 and worked as Security and Safety officer for Refugees and UN staff in Kakuma Camp in Turkana and briefly Dadaab Camps.

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He was in charge of managing a security budget for enhancement of refugee and staff security and safety on annual basis.

During this time, Munuve initiated Security Partnership Project (SPP) between UNHCR and Kenya Government which culminated into deployment of dedicated police force in the two Refugee locations.

A Prolific Leader with Skills in Budget and Procurement Management this saw the increased budget that resulted to procurement of over 70 (Trucks & Pick-ups) fleet of security vehicles and construction of offices and residential accommodation to improve police support and welfare to secure refugee camps effectively.

UNHCR Refugee Tracking System

  1. It was Munuve’s team that initiated vehicle tracking system in UNHCR program in Kenya Refugee Program which has made great and positive strides in enhancement of UNHCR vehicle monitoring and movement control in Kenya’s refugee operations.

As Field Safety Advisor, Francis Munuve was deployed to South Sudan and Darfur between February 2011 and May 2015, where he successfully managed refugees and IDP Security and Staff Safety during Darfur crisis and South Sudan conflicts.

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While at the UNHCR, Col. (Rtd) Munuve attended several Security and Leadership Management Courses among them Security Risk Management, Senior Leadership Management and Emergency Response courses.

He also earned a Degree in Bachelor of Business Management (Business Administration) through (DLP).

Col. (Rtd) Munuve retired in 2015 from UN but was called upon to support Emergency Operations in Kurdistan Region of Iraq between February and August 2017 to support IDP and refugee crisis where ISIS had taken control of several neighboring Provinces including the historical Nineve Province, the birth place of Abraham.

Col.(Rtd) Munuve, while retired but not tired today remains on UN Emergency Roster Program in which case he can be summoned upon to support such operations in conflict/trouble spots across the globe.

The career officer has an undying passion for humanitarian and community service, hence the reason for taking up the Mwingi West CDF Chairmanship under Wiper MP Hon. Charles Ngusya Nguna.