Development Failures Should Not Contest The Presidency



As we move towards the 2022 General Elections, some leaders, myself included, have declared that they will contest for the highest seat on the land.

My message to Kenyans is this: we have been used and dumped and lied to by politicians who make empty promises and do not even attempt to fulfill them. Tumeenjoiwa sana.

Our youth are languishing in poverty, implementation of projects has slowed down and the economy is in hospital.

The question I have for leaders vying for the Presidency is this: in your current position, what have you done in terms of development to show you can work better as a President?

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Some leaders are just good at playing politics, transversing the country for political and bribery functions that have zero positive impact on the economy and do nothing to rescue the poor from their situation.

Some of these leaders hold very senior positions in the national government and I ask them, what new, creative and innovative ideas will you bring to KENYA if elected? What is it, with all your current power, you have been unable to do now, that you will do if elected President?

Kenyans are tired of jokers and recycled failures. Which stadiums will you build? Which jobs will you create? Which roads will you tarmac? How will you grow the economy if you have been unable to do so in your current position?

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As a leader, if you have been UNABLE to score goals in the ward league and all you do is play dirty, always offside and always kicking the ball off field, you will also NOT be able to SCORE in the Premier League. That is a FACT!

The Office of The Presidency should be about transformation and requires someone with creative ideas, knowledge of development and one who is clean and focused in making KENYA GREAT. That is why, I have decided to vie to be the next President of KENYA.

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Our people, our children and our beloved nation deserves better than what it can get from some of the jokers and thieves who are busy mangamangaring all over the country playing divisive politics as our people sink more into poverty. TUMECHOKA.

God loves KENYA, let us not be used for the political gains of a few. I request for your support because my heart bleeds for Kenya and with your support, I can transform this country to the amazing country it is meant to be.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, E.G.H.,
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader &
Governor of MACHAKOS

Sunday, January 19, 2020