Decorated Kitui Advocate & Sen Aspirant Mr NYAMU Mourns Kyale Mwendwa



The Adorned and one of the Decorated high court Advocate – and one of top Kitui Senatorial aspirant Mr Mati Nyamu has send his Condolense Messeges to The family of Educationist Icon Hon Kyale Mwendwa.

The Counsel has led legal fraternity in Mourning the Independence Minister Kyale Mwendwa who passed on at the age of 94 years last week .

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The Renowned Lawyer Mr Mati described Mwendwa has a prominent son of kitui whose contribution will be felt in several generation to come, saying Mwendwa loved kitui more unlike other prominent files who tend to invest in Major cities.

The late Kyale Mwendwa was Former long serving MP for Kitui West (1985-1992), he passed on aged 94.

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Kyale was the first Director of Education as Kenya achieved Independence in 1963 who later became the Minister for Livestock (1986-1988) during his long illustratious career at the highest echelons of KANU Government.

The late Kyale was brother to late Ngala Mwendwa (former MP Kitui Central) na Kitili Maluki Mwendwa (Kenya’s 1st African Chief Justice 1968-1971). He will he laid to rest, Date to be communicated.

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Rip Kyale Mwendwa.