Deafening Cheers As Dp Ruto Delivers Speech at Moi’s Burial


The Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya Dr William Ruto got arousing applause when he was called to speak during the state burial of the retired president Moi.

Dr William Ruto said “he was among the people who graduated into national politics because of former President Arap Moi.

Ruto, speaking at the event thanked the family for ‘allowing us to share your father as our own’

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Ruto thanked the family of Moi for allowing their father to work for the goodness of whole country, “he loved his country more than every thing, Moi taught us how to be discipline- Dp Ruto added.

We have graduated into politics by his school of thought, Dp Ruto said during the burial of the second President of kenya, “Rift valley shall continue to moot Unity and tranquility among other community as Mzee Moi taught us, Dp added.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta consulting with military top Officer Mr Mwathethe
DP Ruto makes His way to the kabaraka home in the company of top government officials.
President Uhuru Kenyatta shares a light moment with his Deputy President Dr. William Ruto