CYCA Kenya reads Riot Act to All Youth Oppressors


By Evans Munanyi

The youth have been viewed as tools for a hire, idiots to sustain with stipends left from the produce of corruption, an ignorant population to be enticed by handouts and pocket change to cause harm to their fellow youths to keep the mouth of the enlightened ones shut.

What the old generation have forgotten is that we have the age on our side, we have the energy, we have the numbers and the knowledge to be what they are and even better.

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They may have succeeded in turning some few busybodies into criminals for hire, goons to praise them, slayqueens and slay kings to toss as they wish but we have the silent majority who are Willing to do what it takes to make the society a better place.

Their children whom they keep in expensive schools will need us in future, their relatives whom they favor in looting spree will get us in those offices tomorrow and we will remind them what their parents did to us.

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Be with the youths, fight for them and save the future from hatred and and poverty. stand with us and we shall be there for you.
You will watch us on TV running the show, in your grave or wherever you will be with regrets.