Cuban Doctor Conducts Yet Another Successful Operations at Kitui level 4 Hospital.


30th oct 2018

By Charles Muthoka & yoana kimwele

Keeping the promise.

Kitui County health services have gone up tremendously since H.E the Governor Kitui County Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu took over.

Mwikali before being taken to theatres room, courtesy of kitui universal health cover (kchic)

Just one year down the line, mighty and wonderful things have happened.
Just to mention a few, the photo below show how Mwikali Muema a 62 years old lady from Mithikwani, in Kitui west looked like before she was operated 0n 6th August 2018, by our Cuban Doctors based in Kitui County led by Dr. Arelis Rabelo Castillo who is a Maxillofacial Surgeon, at Kitui level 4 hospital.
Mwikali Muema had a tumour which had greatly changed her facial appearance for the last 30 years.
During that operation, her jaw and the teeth were removed and replaced with others which were bought by H.E Governor Ngilu.
Later in the month of August, dental technologists, Ms Joshine Mueni, Mr.Festus Nzue and their colleagues in dental laboratory made the prosthesis or orbutulator (fixed the new teeth)


After successful Tumour operation at kitui level four hospital.

Today 30th October 2018, the same lady (Mwikali Muema) came for clinic at Dental unit and this photos shows how her physical outlook has changed within a period of only three months.
H.E the Kitui Governor Hon Ngilu, through the Ministry of health and sanitation has done much in health sector like employment of many medical officers in all Kitui county health facilities and equipping them with enough drugs among other things.

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keeping the promise.