Critical Questions Over Kitui Kibwezi land Compesation.


By Milton Nyamai

While Appreciating kitui Senator’s belated intervention to ensure Compensation of our people affected by kibwezi- kitui road and Being Aware that the Mp kitui south has been reluctant on compensation issues yet we saw her following up Ruaraka land saga as chairperson lands committee.

We need to ask kitui Senator Kiio Wambua, The Following Questions Regarding the impending publishing of the beneficiaries in the Kenya gazette:

  1. 1.Did the Senator hold public barazas in conjunction with local provincial administration to establish the people affected?
  2. 2.Has the verification Been done on who has been affected and what size of land to be compensation because people have been affected differently and the amount of compensation is not the same?
  3. 3.Has the list of the beneficiaries been published in the media and in local chiefs camps for people to verify, avoid some potential beneficiaries to be left out and infiltration by wakoras who would want to benefit unfairly?
  4. 4.Has The rate of compensation per the market value of properties around the area been established?
  5. 5. What is The fate of ballast, sand and water which was used by the Chinese contractor without due compensation to the communities around or individual affected. I would prefer the contractor builds social amenities around areas where it harvested such raw materials but that’s not for me to decide.

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These questions must be answered by kitui Senator hon Wambua ,National Land Commission and Kenha before anything compensation happens. The ripp off in SGR is still fresh in our minds.

Our people should benefit fully without hindrance.

Read the next episode.. Next week.. The kitui Mps Roles in kitui kibwezi road compensation

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