CRA formula will Affect Marginalised Counties – Kitui Mp


The Member of Parliament for Kitui East Hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai has waded into the National Hot debate on counties Revenue sharing formula, the COUNTY DIARY Reports

“The Commission of Revenue Allocation (CRA) Revenue sharing formula debate in Senate brings a clear picture of what has been happening with the sharing of the National Cake”, kitui Mp has said.

President Kenyatta is facing a tough balancing act to appease his restive Mt Kenya backyard while maintaining a good working relationship with his former political nemesis-turned-ally Raila Odinga over the contentious revenue sharing formula.

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Caught between a populous Mt Kenya that wants their tyranny of numbers to count and monies shared based on their numbers and the arid and semi-arid zones in North Eastern, kitui, Makueni and the Coast, which predominantly back Mr Odinga and Wiper boss Dr Kalonzo Musyoka, President Kenyatta is faced with a dilemma — damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

Mp Nimrod has proposed raft of of measures which should be adopted to protect the interest of marginalised counties, which will be affected by the proposed formula, if adopted by majority of senators.

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The counties are far from budget’s reductions since almost every county depends on county allocation funds from the National cake, None has own sufficient revenue collections!!

Mp Nimrod Mbai take is:

  • We can’t afford to reduce the revenue allocation for any County in the Republic of Kenya.
  • Ministry of Devolution should do a supplimentary budget asap, giving additional budget allocation to the Counties which are expected to get less revenues based on the CRA formula if assembly adopts the formula.
  • National Assembly to approve the proposed suplementary budget Asap and forward to the Senate for allocation to Counties.
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In the meantime, all Counties should get half of their revenue share by next week to cushion the cash crisis in the counties.

We must not subject counties to cash criss, The Country has to move on, Mp Nimrod added.

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