COVID19: Repent, God is NOT Happy- Senator Muthama


Popular former Machakos Senator Hon Muthama has called on the Kenyans and indeed the world to seek repentance.

“Stop worshiping money. Stop worshiping power. God is not happy” is Muthama’s Clarion Call.

The Outbreak of Covid-19 is a scourge to the humankind from God, people have turned against their God, people have done wicked things in the face of the earth, from Presidents, Governors, senators, MPs, Politicians, leaders, Pastors, Imams and Priests, People have done abominations before God, and God is not happy, we Must repent Muthama has said.

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Speaking to the Kamba Nation on vernacular radio Musyi Fm, The Senator Muthama implored Kamba Nation, that We Must stop the hypocrisy So that God Can forgive us and take away the plague from the face of the earth.

God is not happy, Repent or we Perish as Fools.