Covid -19: We shall Overcome is Kitui Governor Ngilu’s Clarion Call


Kitui Professional Chat, the trending online forum that comprises high profile leaders and opinion shapers was set alight on Saturday.

Reason?, Kitui iconic Governor Ngilu chose to engage members of the forum one on one.

The Governor, Wrote, “Hi and good morning KPC and indeed the entire great people of Kitui County. I just wanted to wish each one of you and your families well during this difficult moment of lockdown in our country in response to Coronavirus situation. Kindly listen carefully to instructions and keep safe.
WE SHALL OVERCOME. I wish you all, all the best.
Ckngilu, ”

Prevention is better than cure. Tufumilieni tu kidogo. We pray for the best. Jehovah God is in the throne and in control. He alone has the final day”, the Governor wrote.


Let’s remember the words of our Health CS, “COVID-19 is a serious thing. If we continue to behave Normally, this disease will treat us abnormally.”Stay indoors, practice social distancing and remember that personal cleanliness is PARAMOUNT,


The Governor added, “Actually we have a serious problem in our hospitals as we are awaiting for personal protective equipment as health workers need to be protected and as I await the County Assembly to approve the CPSB nominees so that I can hire more health workers” She added.

Former deputy Speaker, wrote,” Thank you for acknowledging there is a problem in our Health system Governor. Now we can pull together to fix our County.
All the best.

We take this with much appreciation and gratitude coming from a parent and mother of not only your children, but the great county of kitui and beyond.

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It brings hope and encouragement especially during a time of hopelessness like this of covid-19.

Kitui people may not be happy with your administration not only as pertains covid-19,but also in implementing devolution.

Anyway let’s keep that for another day and join hands in fighting covid-19 menace.
Together we will overcome.
God is on our side. Once again thank you for your encouragement it brings hope to mwananchi especially when spoken by their leader. God bless you

Governor added, “No it’s not corruption, we have drugs but we do not have protective gears. The health workers need to be protected. We even need to hire extra health workers but I don’t have CPSB in place until the Speaker can approve them she added.