COVID-19: MP Nzengu Distributes FREE face Masks and Other Equipments

Mwingi North Residents receives free PPE’s from their MP. Ho Eng. Paul Nzengu (MALILI) distributed free Covid-19 Protection Equipments to residents of Mwingi North Constituency, yesterday.

The Member of Parliament for Mwingi North Hon Eng Nzengu distributed free masks, sanitizers, and all the necessary equipment, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The office of MWINGI NORTH National development fund has procured masks and sanitizers which is set to be distributed to the locals by HON ENG PAUL NZENGU -MALILI.

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The Mp distributed face masks, Sanitizers and washing tanks across the five wards of Mwingi North constituency i.e Tharaka, Tseikuru, Kyuso, Ngomeni and Momani.

Speaking to media, Hon Eng Paul Nzengu reiterated his unwavering commitment in curtailing the spread of COVID19 pandemic in Mwingi north.