Covid-19 Mixed Reactions as Police Conducts Successful Curfew


The Government of Kenya has conducted it’s first ever successful curfew which started from 7pm to 5am.

Despite few dissenting voices from politicians, all towns across the country were deserted as the curfew to stem the spread of Coronavirus came into full force.

The Senate Minority leader hon James Orengo Wrote,”A state of emergency does not by itself ineluctably limit or suspend the Bill of Rights. There must be legislation,..

“In any case national security must be pursued in compliance with the rule of law & human rights.Police must not enforce curfew with might but love & fight Covid-19”, senator Orengo wrote.

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Mombasa Governor HE Hassan joho was the first to raise complain in the manner in which police handled commuters in Likoni Ferry, .”He wrote,”This is so uncalled for and inappropriate. Those using the Likoni crossing channel are our fellow human beings. Why subject them to such atrocities?

Nark Kenya party leader Martha Karua, wrote, “Terrorising commuters at Likoni ferry with tear gas and beatings is unacceptable! The inadequacy of the available mode of transport rests squarely on the government . Lets hope no arrests will be made for lateness where public transport is clearly the issue.

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Meanwhile, Mwingi Central Wiper MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has also condemned the Likoni incident. “I fully condemn any brutality, The tenets of the constitution on human rights dignity must be upheld despite the pandemic” he said this morning, Adding that Kenya is not at war with itself.

“Citizens were just trying to adjust themselves to obey the curfew especially by crowding at the Likoni Ferry” said the Wiper MP as the curfew took hold in his hometown, Mwingi without ugly incidents.