Covid-19: 47 Governors approve 30% Self Pay Cut


The council of Governor’s chair hon Oparanya has announced that the 47 governors across the country have agreed 30 percent pay cut.

This comes after President Kenyatta said his deputy William Ruto and himself will take a pay cut of 80 percent.

This means, for a president, who according to a Salaries and Remuneration Commission gazette notice of July 2017 currently earns Ksh.1.44 million per month, that could reduce to just over Ksh.288,000.

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It’s even lower for the deputy president who currently takes home pay of Ksh.1.22 million. This is about to be reduced by 80 percent to settle at just over Ksh.245,000.

  1. National treasury has been directed to moves to parliament to cause…100% tax relief for persons earning 24K and less
    Reduce PAYE to max 25%,
    Reduction of resident tax to 5%
    Reduce turnover tax rate to 1%
    Additional 10B to elderly orphans.
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Temporary suspension of CRB with loan account in arrears effective April.Immediate reduction of VAT to 14% April 2020.
Payment of 13B of verifies pending bills by all Ministries
KRA – VAT refund claims to be paid within three weeks.
1B from universal health kitty for recruitment of additional health workers.
Voluntary reduction of salaries – President Dp 80% CS CAS 30% and PS 20%.

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Further, All state and public officers with pre-existing medical conditions or aged 50 and above serving Job G S and below to take leave and/or work from home – excluding the security sector and other essential services.