COUNTY PROFILES: Meet Ndati Musyoka the Profilic Sports Patron And Volleyball National Coach From Waita, Mwingi Sub County



Mr. Ndati Musyoka, one of the most profilic National Volleyball Coach in Kenya is an old hand in the game.

The Waita Sports Patron who doubles up as a teacher started his interest in Volleyball game back in 1994 while in
In primary school at Ikuusya in Mwingi Sub County.

His interest in the game saw him play and represent his school up to the Provincial levels.

His Professional quest in volleyball would shape up when he joined Migwani Boys where he represented the school at the highly competitive Provincial levels.When he joined Kamwenja T. T. C in Nyeri, Ndati Musyoka played up to National level.

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He joined the Gawasco volleyball club and I played for 8years before joining live ministry where he excelled as an artist in the Fine art category.He has also exploited his many potraits and fine art designs through Life is ministry.

Later he joined TSCc and lodged many volleyball clubs in Waita in Mwingi while at school level he has been taking my team up to provincial level while been officiatiating in Nationals and National leagues.

A bossom friend of Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi, Ndati has been spotted full clad in Tusnami branded uniforms while coaching volleyball in Mwingi Sub County.