COUNTY PROFILES: Jackson Kimwele CEO, BARAKA GAS Gives You 7 Keys On Launching A Start-Up Business


Step 1: It always starts with an ‘Idea’.

Having an idea is not enough to attract funds. You will need to dig deep into your idea, breaking your idea into parts with the intention to identify what is ‘unique’ about it. Once you have identified it, try to define it in a couple of words and that becomes your ‘Unique Selling Point’ .

Step 2: Transform words to a prototype.

Create a prototype. You can put it into a PowerPoint, Photoshop, or draw it out on a piece of paper or make a ‘flowchart’.

Step 3: Take an outside perspective (sampling).

Indentify the reasons why your prospective customers ‘will/will not’ see themselves using this product/solution that your company is providing.

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Step 4. Research the industry well

Whatever industry you’re in, you should ensure to research it thoroughly. This is so that you find out who your future competitors are and what they are doing specifically, in terms of marketing and what products or services they are offering. You should find out how the market is doing whether it’s profitable or declining; is it a fad that has run its course? It’s also good to find out if it’s too saturated a market; if everyone is doing it. Before starting my BARAKA GAS Company, I read many
blogs on LP gas trends, I researched what LP and petroleum products including checking price lists of and the kind of marketing they were utilizing.

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Step 6: Research is necessary in your business.

Step 7. Decide what your niche in the industry will be for your business

Every successful business in Kenya has a certain need it addresses in its industry. Finding a niche in an industry is important since it helps a business focus on solving that particular problem. Choose a niche in which you are certain you will solve a specific problem and that will set you apart from your competition.That is what I did with Baraka Gas.

Step 8. Find out the necessary requirements to run your business including location

Find out all the legal requirements to run that kind of business in Kenya. Whether it’s registering the business name or a company; to city council permits and certificates for the business premise. Find out all the necessary documents and start working towards getting them before starting the business. When I started Baraka Gas, I first started by registering a business name for the business requirements. Get started on it.

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Step 9. Online Presence

At Baraka gas I utilize both traditional and new age marketing skills. For example, my website is one of the modus operandi that I want to use in marketing.

Step 10: Marketing