14 Quick Facts On Youthful MR.NZALU KILUVUTU,The Gubernatorial candidate for 2022


Hon. Nzalu Kiluvutu, the suave, youthful and highly persuasive Kitui Central Politician and regional professional who boasts a huge following has thrown his hat in the ring to gun for the hotly contest Kitui County Gubernatorials suffrage in 2022.

Here are the 14 Quick Facts we collated about him.


Hon. Nzalu Kiluvutu, the youthful Kitui Central politician is running for the Gubernatorial seat in Kitui County is a Visionary, Challenge-driven and a Successful professional /leader in both academic and community arenas.

He comes across as a naturally persuasive communicator recognized among colleagues for his keen ability to energize and inspire individuals to work towards achieving a common goal.He has excelled in creating consensus among divergent groups.

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A Passionate educator / Manager in providing stimulating and thought-provoking environments to empower students and colleagues to make prudent decisions in their current and future professional roles, Nzalu believes that no human is limited.

He has received banquets of accolades one after the other, whilst delivering the same.He is a Creative and Resourceful professional with track record of directing and / or playing a contributory role in community based projects.Hon. Nzalu Kiluvutu is an MBA Graduate, B.Sc Degree.

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Interested in creating formidable relationships of the citizens and bring in developmental advancements in the County and National Government.He worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Rwanda Tourism University College.He also worked as a Lecturer at Strathmore University.

He worked for the United Nations in the Knowledge Management Section.He was a Technical Project Manager for the first Whatsapp Banking Solution in East and Central Africa.

Whilst seconded at Ministry of Health, David Kiluvutu was a key player in the digitization process at the Ministry of Health.He has been involved in community activities and involved in several Donor funded projects for the benefit of the People of Kenya.

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Hon. Nzalu Kiluvutu believes the best resource for a county whose vision is to provide peak technological and operational efficiency for its citizens, are professionals who not only excel in their relative areas of technical expertise but also exhibit outstanding relational and communication abilities.


PHOTOS/ Archery as a sport during team building activities. Hon. Nzalu’s focus for development cannot be outmatched.