COUNTY FACTFILES: Meet Best Youth in Business Grace Mukami Kibatha courtesy of Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry-Laikipia Chapter




  1. Grace Kibatha Mukami 32, has been nominated for the Laikipia Business Awards 2020.

  2. She is the favourite Youth in Business, courtesy of Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry-Laikipia Chapter

3 Her popular Start Up dealing in Natural Value Added Foods is popular with the working class in NANYUKI town is the favourite in the category.

  1. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology from Laikipia University.

  2. She is currently working on her MBA Project (Project Management specialization)

  3. Her career spanning 3 years working in Youth Development Programs
    gives her teeth leverage and experience in Youth Mentorship.

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7? She is an experienced expertYouth Empowerment programs having trained numerous youths on business skills, startup management, financial literacy lifeskills, establishing partnerships.

  1. Her first start up business she established before (a milk bar) faile

  2. Her current business – Awabatha Power Uji (the current business) is coined from my dad’s name.

  3. Her dad loves healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.That’s what really motivated me to start a healthy eating outlet

  4. She loves working out alot.

  5. Herwish and hope to see young people embracing self employment especially now job creation is very minimal

  6. Her future plans include to starting a youth centre whereby young people can be trained on digital literacy, lifeskills, business trainings, link them up with mentors, e.t.c

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