Corrupted FOOD In Mwingi North Raises More Questions as Minister Speaks


By Our Reporter.

Contaminated FOOD in Mwingi North raises More Questions as Kitui Minister reads Malice and Political sabotage from competitors .

The County Government of Kitui on 26th April came to rescue more six hundreds homeless families in katithini and Barrow pit in Mumoni ward, Mwingi North by providing foods stuff to the families after demolition were done by TARDA.

The food stuff came to the affected people at the hour of need and it was joyfully received.

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After 3 days unknown expired food stuff to be precise, maize flour was given to the same residents by people who were seeking political mileage but highly risked the lives of the people of Katithini and Barrow pit respectively.

A big shame to the person who did that. We would like to wish the sick affected people quickest recovery and good health afterwards.

Kitui County Executive member for Education, Youth and Skills development Stephen Kyalo Maithya alias Watutu led the exercise and has condemned those who issued expired floor to refrain from such devilish activities in the nearby future.

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“I would like to make humble request to our good people at Katithini and Barrow pit to be vigilance since some few leaders might take their advantage in seeking political milage, but put their lives in high risk of consuming such food stuff”. He added.