Confusion, fear and anarchy grip mourners as man violently stops funeral


by Our Reporter.

On Friday, May 5, 2023 – Confusion, fear and anarchy gripped Kyamatu Sub Location in Mutitu Sub County as a man violently stopped the burial of Joel Mathenge Makundi in Kamukusu village.

Mwanduka Mathoka accompanied by members of his family, invaded the burial site claiming the land belonged to them. The gang led by Mwanduka cut down trees and blocked the pathway to Mathenge’s former home and burial site and filled up the freshly dug out grave with soil and tree branches.

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In a bizare incident, the gang burried a chicken head in the grave and hung another dead chicken on the road leading to the home.

Mourners and the family members were thrown into confusion after the gang attacked mourners with stones using catapults before they disappeared into the thicket as the crowd bayed for their blood.

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Angry mourners and members of the Amutei clan are currently excavating the soil from the grave underpolice guard.

The grave was dug yesterday by villagers and the clan but Mwanduka and accomplices invaded a few hours later.

The late Mathenge, a respected community leader and a long serving Africa Inland Church elder died on April 25 aged over 80 years.