Communist Party Of Kenya to Launch Offices In Kitui



The Communist Party of Kenya is set to open an Office in kitui in the coming days, big guns from the political arena from the country are behind the party.

The party will field all candidates in kitui county from Ward level, constituency, senators, and Governor’s position in the next general election, the County Diary Has learned.

The party believes in equitable distribution of resources with success stories in economic powerhouses in the world such as Russia, Cuba, china, etc

Communist party of Kenya.

The historical background

During the struggle and clamor for multi party and change from the infamous Moi era, real democrats led by our son Johnstone Makau registered a political party by the name social democratic party of Kenya.

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This is the party that was home to the real liberators after the fence-sitters were swallowed by the imperialists.

The real patriots who believed in the ideologies of socialism and communism kept the struggle with comrades hon Orengo, Mr.Jojo hon anyang’ nyongo having left the party and joined lukewarm democrats the party top guns had to soldier on.

In the year 2019 march 15 – a resolution was made to change The party from SDP Kenya to the communist party of Kenya (CPK)

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Communist party of Kenya.

This is a party registered by the political parties act 2011

The party believe in

  1. classless society
  2. equitable share of resources
  3. tenents of socialism
  4. anti-colonialism and neo-colonialism.

CPK will be fielding in all political positions in Kenya and kitui county in particular.

More information.

Political parties are vehicles for propelling the political aspirations of their members.

In recent elections, the promise to uphold the will of the people and respect their democratic rights has been violated at the nomination level resulting in the entry of unpopular candidates.

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Flawed nominations leave a bitter taste on the supporters who seek to revenge in the real election.

The outcome of recent elections shows a growing disconnect with the public feelings. We cannot address this challenge by denying its existence.

Imposing candidates because of connections emotions or economic gain is to write their obituary.

Consequently, they strongly believe it is time to institute drastic and wide-ranging changes at the party helm; to inject fresh blood and rejuvenate the dreams of its support base. This is a necessary bitter pill that we must swallow, an official told News Reporters.

The President’s impressive track record requires a vibrant party to harnesses the goodwill.