Commissioner Ben Muasya CLAIMS Kitui Senator Wambua is Misleading Kalonzo Musyoka


In a statement, Benedict Muasya, a prominent Kenya Kwanza leader has accused the Kitui Senator, Wambua wambua, of misleading the former Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka.

A CRA Commissioner, Ben Muasya claims that Senator Wambua’s intentions are purely to score political points and undermine Kalonzo’s credibility. He argues that Wambua has been distorting the facts and misrepresenting the truth to create a false narrative revolving around Kalonzo’s role in National politics.

Muasya further alleges that Senator Wambua’s actions are motivated by personal gain and a desire to position himself as a more influential figure within their party. According to him, Wambua is misleading not only Kalonzo but also the people of Kitui County, who deserve accurate information about their leaders’ achievements and plans.

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Muasya calls for a more transparent and accountable political culture, urging politicians to prioritize serving the public’s interests rather than engaging in divisive tactics designed solely for their personal gain and useless demonstration that has witnessed wanton destruction of properties.

Overall, Ben Muasya’s claims against Senator Wambua shed light on the presence of political gamesmanship and misleading tactics in today’s political landscape. It serves as a reminder for both politicians and the public to critically evaluate the information provided by their leaders and hold them accountable for their words and actions.

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In a post shared on social media, Hon. Ben Muasya wrote .

WIPER Party Leader, in a trying to prove to his Azimio brother The ODM Leader that his people are also participating in demostrations, and after being grossly misadvised by his closest handler Sen. Kiio Wambua, took violence to Ukambani for the first time since creation.

It was a trap. Enoch Wambua has being misadvising Kalonzo for three years now and always failing to deliver. He was unable to convince Azimio to pick SKM as running mate when he acted as negotiator for Wiper in 2022.


SKM ended up being humiliated through useless interviews. He is now in the defunct bypartisan team that has delivered nothing. And worse of all, he continues to elbow bright minds from Ukambani away from SKM. The results will always be failure. As Leaders from Ukambani, we condemn the violence visited on our otherwise peaceful people yesterday.

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