When insane beliefs, policies and governance systems are systematically entrenched, institutionised and adopted as the standard way of doing things for a very long time, people eventually accept it as a normal and ordinary way living. This is called the “Collective Insanity”

Anything opposite to this is automatically regarded as insanity by the insane society that doesn’t realize that it is the one which is insane in the first place.

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The extremely few individuals who are able to figure things out and see through the bullshit do have a hard time not only in trying to show people the insanity running the system but also do have challenges in operating and existing in such a hopelessly insane system.

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However, step by step people are beginning to take note of the insanity surrounding them.

This is happening because people have been pushed to the wall completely and they have no option but to look at everything from a new angle and what they are discovering day by day is horrifying them.

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The enormity of the elaborate LIE and DECEPTION that has been running their lives is hard to comprehend! But it has to be done in order to release themselves from this illusory reality that has been holding them as virtual prisoners.