Climb down the Tower of Complacency & false sense of Entitlement, Malombe’s blogger Told


Climb down the Tower of Complacency and False Confidence, article by IKO SIKU.

First published on February 11, 2022.

After last night’s spat between myself and one of my friends at Kitui for 40 WhatsApp group, scores of members of the forum inboxed while other called me requesting me to pass this message. I won’t let you down.

This goes to the self appointed moral prefects of Kitui for 40 and the high priests of the Malombe campaign brigade.

The true mark of democracy is the ability to take in criticism and correction and to respect the views of others. And if you disagree, you do so with a fair dose of decency especially if you are perched at any leadership position.

And scanning through the social media landscape and blogs in the county, the Malombe brigade has the largest outpouring of acidic and mean attacks on perceived rivals such as Gov Charity Ngilu, Sen David Musila, Amb Kiema Kilonzo and former DG Jonathan Mueke.

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You are infamous through your multiple blogs, pseudo-blogs and on Whatsapp for madly throwing all kinds of barbs and mud at anyone who raises a finger about nothing. You may have danced yourselves lame before the main party!

Sadly, you cannot bear a mere finger-pointing or correction even from friends and allies!

Get used to it now. The season for mean attacks on is here with us. And of the five contestants, Dr Malombe is the only one who hasn’t been barraged with harsh criticism. It will come striking like a tsunami. Any time. Anzeni kuzoea.

Your intolerance, the know it all attitude, your chest-thumbing, your arrogance and bullying of others hiding in the dark and using well known sh528 hirelings to relay slurs, mockery and outright insults will not help at all.

It will instead do great deservice to Dr Malombe’s candidature.

Be warned. The journey has just began and how you talk, rant and act will either serve or injure the interests of your prefered candidate.

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Every voice and vote counts in a democracy. So make your choice.

To climb the high tower of self righteousness, pride, arrogance, a false sense of premature victory and outright complacency and shout the voter down with all forms verbal malevolence and indignity.

Or to gather people for Dr Malombe or to disperse them; to lobby, woo and win them or scatter and disparage them.

Ask yourselves why he lost inspite of a strong incumbency and a fairly unprecedented performance track in the history of the county?

Why was he the only Akamba Governor who lost vying under the most popular party? Have the past complaints and points of rejection been healed or sealed?

Where are his former top officials? Why have they kept openly aloof and silent? Which former and current national and Kitui county big shot in politics, business, religion, youth, women, the professions and community leadership wholeheartedly stand with him? How many are you wooing and attracting with your kind of ranting in blogs and social media?

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Have the loopholes that Gov Ngilu and Sen Musila exploited been sealed?

Have their criticism that we ran an egoistic, lazy, slow outfit riddled with graft, nepotism, cronyism, inaccessibility, arrogance, pride, a dictatorial one man show and rigidity been sorted?

Those of us who were in the 2017 Malombe campaign remember the gathering at the home of Hon Tito Mbathi drawing campaign pillars from Kitui Central, Kitui South and Kitui East which ended being our waterloo.

It was there that our campaign lost steam. We departed there beset by open internal disagreements, frustration, disorganization, inability to take advice from our pillars and foot soldiers and an endless list of other inadequacies.

Therefore, issuing threats and insults; behaving like a bull in a china shop and bullying people won’t serve you at all. It may be another waterloo in waiting.

Instead form new networks and keep the old running. Gather but don’t scatter! Build bridges but don’t burn them. Be humble.

The journey is long and ardous. The victory is far, far away. And the huddles abound in every step.

Be humble. Be realistic. Respect all!