BATTLE: Clash Of Titans In Mwingi Central as Mutambu & Mulyungi Set to Lock Horns


Joe MUTAMBU said the 2018 electioneering period was characterised by vote rigging, voter intimidaton and ”controlled chaos’


The quest for the volatile Mwingi Central parliamentary seat in 2022 is expected to be a fiery battle ground as two renowned political bulls are set to lock horns.

The gung-ho race will be pitting the current development icon Mp Hon MULYUNGI and Former no-non sense Mp Joe Mutambu – currently at the helm of WRA as it’s chairman.

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Speaking On TV47, Mutambu made it clear that he has thrown his hat in the ring to reclaim tne Mwingi Central Parliamentary race tooth and nail and bring a New Order in funds and development management.

He says he want to complete his agenda for Mwingi central.

He has also claimed that he might have lost the Mwingi central due to many malpractices during electioneering period that was characterised by vote rigging, voter intimidaton and ‘controlled chaos’

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Mutambu has said that Kamba politics are guided by selfish interests. For example, Wiper is now in Jubilee yet the party demonized him for vying on Jubilee ticket in 2018.

Those who supported him during elections have been sidelined by current MP, he added.

“You must join Team something to get services” he said without elaborating.

The guy is tearing Mulyungi apart, or so it seems.

Somebody must block him not to join Wiper, because if he does it gonna be messy.