City lawyer Rubbishes Prof Makau Article, saying its too Shallow


22nd April 2019

By Lawyer Musyimi


City lawyer pokes holes on professor Makau Mutua “makeup” article.

1. Makau states: “Kikulacho ki ngoni mwako” but applies it only selectively against Ruto. He prefers to say nothing about how Raila’s friendship is undoing Uhuru, his presidency and his legacy. He also does not say a single wrong Ruto has done against Uhuru. The question should be: Has Uhuru confessed too much to his Enemy Raila in the name of Handshake? Yes, Ruto said he is a hustler, and it’s true or does Makau think Ruto is a prince like Raila, Gideon Moi, and Uhuru?

2. Makau wants to reinforce the stupid unjustified claim/perception that “Ruto has amassed wealth” since Jubilee came to power. Surely, for a purported Professor of Law, why no basic deference to the law of evidence and burden of proof? Why allege if you can’t prove?

3. Makau repeats the tired “Ruto is corrupt” refrain, again without basis or evidence. What does Makau know about rule of law if he doesn’t know the presumption of innocence? This is the vigilante justice President Uhuru was talking about: If Makau has any evidence against Ruto, let him go to Karura to report at DCI.

4. Makau states clearly Ruto & Uhuru formed Jubilee, as Raila formed ODM. When did it become a crime for a politician to be driven by self-interest? The question begs: Why do Makau & others feel threatened by Jubilee unity and want our party to break even as they keep their own ODM intact?

5. Makau wants to create the impression that Kikuyus only support Ruto for fear of violence in the Rift. Very outdated nonsense. How then do you explain why Kikuyus in Central Kenya and 75% of their leaders as Makau confess, support Ruto without the threat of violence?

6. Makau refuses to acknowledge that Dr. William Ruto is supported across the country, not just in Kikuyu land because he is loved for being accessible, not feared. Ruto has just endeared himself to the ordinary mwananchi in Central & beyond. The harsh winters in Buffalo (NY) and its great distance from Nairobi may explain why the clueless professor is so disconnected from reality.

7. Makau claims Ruto has never been in awe of Uhuru but does not care to tell us whether Raila has ever been in awe of Uhuru. When Raila was insulting and calling Uhuru names, only Ruto came to his defense, what was that? And when did we become a precondition for political partnership?

8. Makau alleges without justification that “Ruto has either bought, installed or corralled three-quarters of all elected leaders in Mt. Kenya.” Clearly, this unpopular man from Kitui has been swinging it in the US for too long he has lost touch with his homeland. How powerful is this Ruto to manipulate an entire community and its leadership, all alone?

9. Makau claims Ruto has “neutered Kenyatta” and blames it on the Constitution. But he forgets to say the truth is that it is Raila who has “neutered Kenyatta” and without any basis in the Constitution.

10. Makau claims there was “Kenyatta’s policy of containment against Ruto” and it has failed. We were not aware of this. So, this is really what the Handshake was all about? The Political Decapitation of Ruto? We thank God that it is the enemies confessing that their sinister scheme has failed. No weapon formed against Ruto can prosper.