City advocate swindled dry by Facebook ‘lover’


Nairobi City lawyer Steve Ogolla is a bitter man.

The fact that even the lawyers, known to be wiser, sleek and know-it-all get conned by slay queens surely means that the world is not ours!

According to media reports, the advocate revealed that he sent Dorcas Sarkozy over ksh500,000 for their wedding preparations.

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The two met on Facebook and started dating and exchanging how they could be better together as husband and wife, little did the advocate knew he was being conned.

The two potential love birds only communicated on social media and never met in person.

Dorcas who is alleged to be man passing himself as a damsel in distress on Facebook has perfected the art of conning unsuspecting men who are looking for life partners on social media.

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She pretends to be in Love with them and when you plan a date of meeting her, she blocks you in all flat form of social media.

Dorcas has disappeared in thin air with the money, The lawyer is in tears.