Church Reads Riot Act to Citizen TV Director Linus kaikai


by county diary

The church leaders has come out to rebuke the director of citizen TV Linus kaikai over his recent Remarks on The News gang programs which was aired on citizen TV.

The Citizen Director is said to have Made general remarks which has not gone down well with church Preachers, Linus kaikai said “The times has come for the government to regulate the church activities and men of Gods lifestyle just like Rwanda .

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Kaikai has said in a program Dubbed “The New gag”, That these Bishops have become too Wealthy at the Expense of their brain washed followers and they can not have their money be account for.

A time has come for the Government to regulate these Spirutual vampire and cold blooded thieves In the name of God” kaikai said.

In a Stern respond from Church leaders led by Neno Bishop Dr Maina Nganga, The Bishop Warned the news anchor to stop Generalizing the men of Men or he will have it to blame.

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Kijana stop this kind of Jokes Dr Nganga Warned the news anchor ” I have prayed for your forgiveness . Don’t go that route, The Bishop said,The young man Must keep his lanes clear failure to which he will face consequences in the coming days if he doesn’t change. Neno Bishop warned.

Apostle Fred also said Nobody who Can stop God in kenya not even the devil worshipers themselves,The man God has called for Linus kaikai to repent and apologize or face the wrath of God.

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The Program on Citizen TV called the News Gang Must not be used to settle scores, They have attacked the church, and called the men of spiritual vampire and conmens furious apostle said.

Linus kaikai must apologize to the Men of God for attacking the church failure to which the program will just crumble like house of cards the men of God warned.