Charity Ngilu the Performer at a glance.


By Steve Mumbu

17th January 2019

Charity Ngilu the performer at a glance one year in the office.

☑She has for decades fought for democracy and development in the country.
☑Improved healthcare in the country through availing enough drugs, upgrading health facilities, construction of new health facilities and initiated the now popular National Government *universal healthcare scheme* when she served as Health Minister.
☑To provide water, she drilled many boreholes, constructed earth dams and water line extensions country wide when she was the Water Minister.
☑To transform lands ministry, she fast tracked operations and delivery for the issuance of title deeds and fighting public land cartels when she was the CS.
☑ To improve education, she played a key role in the establishment of Kenyatta University, SEKU, UoN, KMTC, KEWI and KTTC campuses in Kitui County.
☑To address acute water shortage in Ukambani, she devolved Tanathi Water Services Board headquarters to Kitui Town.

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Charity Ngilu, the selfless leader_