CEC Hon Koki Musau calls for Kitui Residents to Invest on Agriculture.


5th, December,2018

By Charles Muthoka/yoana kim

Kitui CECM for Tourism, Sports and Culture Patrick Musau has called on residents to invest in agriculture during the rainy season as a way to eliminate hunger in the County.

Speaking at Mulundi village in Kitui Central’s Kyangwithya East ward, the CEC said adequate food production can only be achieved through timely farming practises by tapping the opportunity of the ongoing rains.

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He further said Governor Charity Ngilu’s leadership was keen to prioritize equitable distribution of resources countywide.

Musau said food and water remain top Governor’s agenda along side, affordable health, education and youth development, Women empowerment and wealth creation.

Musau was speaking during the sendoff ceremony of the late Felistus Mutia in Mutuni Location.

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The late was sister-in-law to Mrs Philomena Mwanzia and sister to Thomas Kioko Mutia, both working with Kitui County Goverment.