Caxtons Trending Ma-Locusts Skiza Targets 1 Million Downloads



Download Caxton Ma-Locusts Song & Kick Locusts Out Of Kenya – CAXTON MUTAMBUKI

Barely a day after it’s grand release, Caxton Mutambuki’s hyped song on the Locusts invasion in Kenya has got Kenyans tongues wagging and trending on YouTube.

Watch Caxton Ma-Locusts Ma-Alshabab On Yoytube – Click Here

The song, titled Ma Locusts Ma Alshabab has now acquired a Skiza Code and is targeting over 1 Million Downloads Across Kenya via the Safaricom Skiza Platform.

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“We are targeting over 2 Million Kenyans with the Skiza Code. It is as big as the locusts invasion itself!. I urge Kenyans to download the song and pray while playing the song to chase Away the vile, destructive insects from Kenya” said Caxton speaking to The COUNTY DIARY.