Ngilu Supporters Urge Ngilu To Call off Mombasa Retreat


Mombasa Correspondent

The residents of Kitui and staunch followers of Mama are urging the Governor Ngilu to call off Mombasa retreat which has failed to kick-off! The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

It has been revealed that Members of County Assembly are not attending the meeting out of 54 MCAs only 7 members were able to attend yesterday meeting, the rest were busy enjoying life in Mombasa Beach.

The purpose of the meeting was for the leaders to bond and look for good working sync between the executive and the assembly! but it’s not happening at all! The big question is what is the essence of burning the resources for a Zero result a senior government official Told the COUNTY DIARY on Phone.

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They have ordered county CS and one of the Ngilu Minister to remains silent during the retreat! The Move has not been received well by the residents in kitui

“After we talked to one of Popular MCA he told County diary after Mombasa retreat they will impeach the CS who is organising the retreat, after all, they are in recess.

It’s confirmed that the Governor Ngilu had to bow to the pressure and agree on the Mombasa retreat little did she know it will not earn any fruit an official told us.

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The CS of kitui county planned a Mombasa bash to feast with rivals to dry county copers against the wishes of the Governor Ngilu, an official has said

“After the CS assured county staffs together with union officials that they will receive their salary every 28 each month.” why should you use more than 15M at a Mombasa beach which should have been used by to pay workers an agitated worker posted on social media.

All other workers have been paid across the country, don’t you mean that you are the only county which Auditor has not approved your money if yes where did you get money for Mombasa tour? The agitated worker told County diary

Where is union officials or are have they compromised for the said bash, they have gone mum when workers need their help it’s now advised you call off the bash and use that money to pay workers.


The Governor is on record saying to the public all county function will be conducted within the county, what has changed? She should just call off the meeting, the residents need better services after all the meeting should have been held in kitui.