Cabinet secretary Hon Munya lauds Ngilu Over County Projects


By county diary

The Governor of Kitui County H.E. Charity Kaluki Ngilu and held a meeting , during which she apprised me on the Pipeline of Development projects and also sought support of the National Governmet Former Meru Governor hon Munya posted on his social media page.

Amongst the pipeline projects lined up for implementation are:-
1. Agro processing activities which will include but not limited to adding value to the Green Grams under the “Ndengu Revolution”. These products will be processed so as to attain a longer shelf life and also fetch higher value along the value chain for the benefit of the farmers. These Kitui farmers will initially be targeting the Kenya Defense Forces and the Indian export market while addressing issues of Food Security under the Big 4 Agenda. This project will require about Ksh: 200M to implement.

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2. Under the Manufacturing Pillar, the Governor reported that, the Kitui County Textile Centre was fully operational and has had a significant impact on livelihood people’s lives. The centre is currently producing apparels in the form of “Chiefs Uniforms” and plan to move to the next level by securing orders to produce uniforms for the Kenya Police Service and provide Sub-Contracting service for some EPZ Firms.


3. Establishment of an Abattoir. The County Government of Kitui has already acquired land for the establishment of an Abattoir. The total cost of establishment is estimated at Ksh: 200 Million and already some funds have been secured for this programme.

4. Establishment of a Honey Processing Plant. The County Government of Kitui intends to spend Ksh: 100Million in the establishment of Honey Processing plants with the support of the National Government and get product certification from KIRDI. The County targets producing at least 1Milliom Kgs of Honey within the financial year 20919/2020.

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5. Mining potential within Kitui County. The County Government of Kitui is also seeking for partnership with Cement producing companies to exploit its Mineral producing capabilities and in particular in the area of exploiting Limestone and Coal deposits.