Build a bridge for future & Protect your bequest -Dr Mulwa to Uhuru


The president needs to be extremely wise with his adminstration legacy and thwart at once the direction taken to persecute Kenyans!

Its very unfortunate his leadership has drawn swords against very prominent and potential men who may inevitably take future administration of this country while he faces eminent exit by twenty twenty two!

Most notably regimes don’t last , leadership is seasonal and revenge is in the face of man!It is expected without doubt a very high possibility of the change of guard and a new banner of presidency in the hands of the eloquent orator popularly the hustler from the rift! Deliberate Amendments to curtail his dream may not succeed but instead may backfire and fuel his speed to state house!

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In the constitution it may not be possible to stop the sugoi hustler from one of the most anticipated hotly contested elections in the prehistoric Kenya! The twenty twenty two presidential winner may finally redeem those who are oppressed by the current administration and probably transfer power to them once his ten years are over!

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The future administration may enroute to demand for Life style , multi billion business tax evasion crimes, property , land and wealth audit with a viewpoints to catch up with the leading families purposely to recover and reclaim unexplained amassed riches and thousands of hectares of land acquired in the post colonial Kenya by the individuals in the expense of many squatters !

Take note by twenty twenty two and beyond kenya will be heavily enburdened by debts and under high pressure for redemption from the lenders ! It will be very costly to spent at least a day in Kenya and many young and old will be lining up in the emigration to leave for green pasture in the alternative world !

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I kindly urge the current leadership to be wary of their economic ,social and political mischief because the future is pregnant and very uncertain ! real men don’t forgive they only silent!to err is human, to forgive divine!