Broke Mwingi Contractor sends Emaciated NUDE photo to Ex Slayqeen begging…


20th, August 2019| County diary

The life is hard especially if you have never stayed without extra money in your pockets, economic times continue to bite the jobless contractors who had used to run larger.

The slay queen is said to have swindled him dry and fled to look for green pastures, the broke contractor is said to have sold his house and furniture to see if he can woo her former slay queen he once used to call the second wife back,

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The contractor used to brag in every club showing off his new catchy and moving with a herd of slay queens.

A broke Mwingi contractor has shocked his former University slay queen by sending emaciated nude photos to his former slay queen begging her to send him upkeep money, the ex-girlfriend has chosen to shame the burger.