Breaking News; Zimbabwe founding Father former President Robert Mugabe Dies aged 95 yrs old


The former powerful Zimbabwe president President Robert Mugabe is dead, Robert died aged 95 years old, he was a darling to Zimbabweans for his unmatched kind of leadership.

Robert Mugabe has ruled the country for over three decades

  • President of Zimbabwe for 30 year
  • First Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
  • Supporter of African nationalism and socialism
  • Accused of economic mismanagement and human rights abuses
  • Removed from power in 2017
  • Has died at age of 95 at hospital in Singapore
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The former president Robert Mugabe was the greatest leader, He stood against the imperialist forces of UK & USA after the UK failed to honor its Lancaster House agreement.

his unmatched anti-imperialist kind of leadership makes him a bad person because imperialists own this world, he was a great leader may his soul rest in eternal peace