By County diary

Last weekend i was visiting and prize giving day at my daughter’s school. We had a one on one talk and she told me everything is boring-the teachers, the books, the students….everything and everybody. As we were talking, the chief guest rose to speak. Within minutes, my daughter asked me if I can feel how boring the chief guest is! And that lady was a damn bore!

Why do people get bored? Boredom is a sign of intelligence, a sign of increased sensitivity, a sign that one is seeing the absurdity of things as they are.

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Only stupid people are not bored, or the enlightened, the buddhas, are not bored. Stupid people are not bored because they don’t have that much sensibility, that much sensitiveness to feel boredom. And buddhas are not bored because they don’t carry the past.

Everything is so fresh, so new; everything is such a surprise. Every moment you are in for a surprise.

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For a buddha, life is a continuous revelation, unending revelation. There is no beginning to it and no end to it. It is a mystery; unfathomable, immeasurable, unknown and not only unknown but unknowable too. You can only taste it, feel it, see it, touch it, but you cannot KNOW it. You cannot reduce it to a theorem, to a hypothesis; that is not possible.

The moment you start getting sensitive enough, you will see the stupidity of the common mundane life of the average person which is nothing but mad competition for useless things. The average person delights in such silliness because they cannot see the end result of such superficial living. They are thrilled with cheap pleasures like accumulating money, prestige, power, materialistic pursuits etc.

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Only a sensitive and more intelligent person will wonder at what nonsense people are willing to kill each other for.

When your child tells you they are getting bored, understand it as a sign of great sensitivity and intelligence.