Huge Boost for Rollon MUTEMI as Five MCA Candidates drop bid, ENDORSE him in Kisasi Ward



The incumbent Kisasi Member of Kitui County hon Emeritus Kasee Musya might be walking on a slippery rope in this election as his close competitor Nicholas Rollon Mutemi’s popularity continues to surge higher.

Kisasi ward in kitui Rural is among wards in Kitui county which is expected to experience the hectic and feverish competition ever between Hon Nicholas Mutemi Rollon and the incumbent MCA Kasee Musya.

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Over five Aspiring Kisasi MCA hon Charles Mulevu, hon Christine Savani, hon Jacob Katiwa, Rev Nyumu, and Katiwa aka mbuyu have officially dropped their bid to support Mutemi and vowed to campaign for him as their preferred MCA for Kisasi Ward.

According to the local political pundits, the Move has been termed as the biggest upswing for Hon Nicholas Mutemi in Kisasi Ward politics.

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Rollon comes from the rich voting base, the ndee area of Maliku where it is anticipated that he will sweep the area the whole area for his own advantage.

The current political development in Kisasi Ward has boosted his chances of becoming the next MCA in Kisasi ward as local Ward politics burst into flames of the furnace.

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Kasee Musya is not lying idle, he is expected to react to it, he was recently endorsed by former Kisasi Councilor Hon Kalovo.

Will MCA Kasee Musya who helped to halt Governor Ngilu’s deadly Impeachment motion survive the onslaught from Hon Nicholas? only time will tell.