Boost for Azimio la Umoja as Clergy in Ukambani Endorse the Train



    On Wednesday 16th August 2022 – the leadership of South Eastern Kenya Professionals and Business Foundation held a consultation with Akamba Leadership Forum, generally known as APEX, under the chairmanship of Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki.

    The Forum brings together the Association of Ukambani Church Leaders, Ukambani Council of Elders, Atumia ma Thome and the Akamba Clans Governing Council, and its mission is “to promote the unity of the Akamba community, mentorship of leaders, promotion of good governance, and integral sustainable development.”

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    During the meeting, the body discussed the economic and political status of the Region and Country and analyzed various possible scenarios and outcomes, especially their impact in Lower Eastern.

    We agreed that the consultations and collaboration will continue, but there was a consensus that it will be important to be part of the government come August 2022.

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