Bloggers Mudsling MP Mbai, Falsely Identify Him As Superstar Mp Who Chewed Governor’s Wife


By TCD Editor.

Wonders will never cease!

Ignore FAKE News from unverified Blogs, Kitui Mp is Not And will Never Be Involved in fishy things. It was a fake News.

Kenyan malicious bloggers, driven by malice and I’ll intent last night went full throttle and poured vitroil and falsely identified Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai as the man who eloped with Governor’s wife while it was actually City Mp who is known by his contemporary Music songs Media reports.

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“This is not only criminal but malicious and laden with deceitful intent to malign, soil and discredit the hardworking Kitui East MP Mbai.

The fearless People Defender also is known as Mbaya Mbaya” said an aide.

But in a hot affair case laden with twists and turns, the County boss is the one who years back was accused of snatching MP’s girlfriend.

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Though the source did not divulge more details, has learnt that the probable wife that the MP is sleeping with is the governor’s first wife, Might be the second wife, this has not yet been established.

Ignore the whole story from malicious Blogs.