Blogger Brian Mulewa attacked by Goons in Kitui town



A blogger by the name Brian Mulewa of Kitui Newspaper has reported to have been attacked by goons in kitui town for the reasons we could not establish before going to the press.

In a long post shared on social media, the blogger claimed he was attacked by a friend well known to him, our efforts to establish the cause of disagreement has been unfruitful.

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questions have been asked about the safety of bloggers as they continue to work in a political environment.

He wrote :

“Dear Kitui Newspaper readers,
I am deeply sorrowful as I break to you this: I was attacked today in the afternoon by goons.
This came after I promised you all here that today I would reveal one more shady top appointment by governor Malombe.

The famous goon known as Suvivya accosted me and a friend as we entered a top hotel in Kitui town, where in the company of two other goons proceeded to seriously beat us up. I sustained serious injuries, and I reported the matter to the authorities before proceeding to seek treatment.

The goon Suvivya even went further to threaten me that I should never set foot in Kitui town if I can’t leave ‘wakubwa’ alone.
It is so unfortunate that in such time and age someone in this impunity-ridden government still believes in physical intimidation and violence.

I want to promise you however, that I shall not rest until the truth is known. I will fight till I have no more strength left, then I will get up and fight again.
Brian Peter,
kitui news paper.