Blame Fuels Ruto’s Speed to the House on the Hill! Says Dr Mulwa


A company is an artificial legal person and has no connection with any individual whatsoever!it can sue and be sued and it does businesses for profits though unfortunately it may return loses!

From the definition above if I may ask, is a physical individual person a company?

Well! I may not be aware of the due collapse of one of the most prosperous insurance companies in Kenya! Ruto as an individual is severely being blamed by every tom dick and hurry for all the wrong reasons!

It may be very unfortunate for the collapse of Amaco but this may be attributed to the numerous reasons

Amaco is not the first company to collapse and will not be the last! We have seen many companies and especially banks exit the market by either liquidation or receivership! Sugar companies have irredeemably died out !we have seen many companies come and go due to different reasons!

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Electronic companies for example Radio, camera entities and many watch companies to cut the long list short are on the exit due to emerging technologies and other numerous reasons!

Nakumat the giant supermarket in Kenya has already unpredictably left the market and today its once existence is as good as a myth!

I mean to say Kenyans are becoming sensitive on why Ruto is being blamed for everything when he is innocent!

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Companies may collapse due to different reasons :

-shareholders may withdraw their investments in the company

-The company operations may be out phased by emerging technologies leading to loss of customers and ultimate collapse of the entity

-politics, as usual, maybe played negatively leading to collapse and ultimate closure of the Company operations.

-poor management of the company is the easiest route of a short stint of exit for any undertaking in the market!

-Government demands and interference, change of taxation policies towards the services of the entity in addition to licensing may also bring the business to its dearth!

-change of fashion and taste of the products and services if not checked can destroy the journey of the concern!

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-unmatched rivalry from its competitors either in quality, marketing, customer service, product awareness and promotions and advertisement’, distribution and many other factors!

-I mean there are many reasons why entities disappear or collapse operations from the Market but Ruto is certainly not one of them!

You only need to know The hustler is an investor in Amaco among other shareholders and he has lost big in any case!the business has been floored by either one of the underlined reasons above leading to ultimate liquidation or closure or bankruptcy!

Blaming him for every tom, dick and hurry only fuel his unmatched speed to the coveted house on the hill!.