Big Win For MP NGUNA and Residents of Mwingi West as State Halts Sand Harvesting



It was reprieve and jubilation for MP Hon. Charles Nguna and the residents of Mwingi West as the state halted the harvesting of sand in the area today, COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The abortion of the sand harvesting activity at Kiroboko in Mwingi West came after a week of bitter stand-off pitting the popular MP Charles Nguna (CNN) and a Kitui Minister Hon. Koki Musau.

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Residents complained of constant noise and air pollution despite the siphoning of revenue bereft of local infrastructural development by Kitui County Government.

“He is too little for me. I am representing the wishes of the people and not cartels. I must protect my people over exploitation and suffering” said the MP speaking to COUNTY DIARY.

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The MP, calling off a demo planned for Saturday has appealed to the people of Kiroboko to maintain calm as the State looks into their grievancies.” Stay calm.

The demo is off but the fight is on” said NGUNA in a clarion call.