Big NAMES fall during Kitui Wiper Preliminaries, the VOTER is Bitter


By TCD editorial.

Kitui county assembly big names have fallen during wiper Preliminaries, the voter is vicious and rearing to punish any act of Average leadership at the ward level and county assembly leadership.

The County Assembly Majority whip Hon Stephen Kivunzi, the rumored deputy Governor Designate for Dr. Malombe has been thrown under the sewer by angry Voters during the just concluded wiper preliminaries.

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MCA Kavolonza the County Assembly Chairman on Environment has been thrown under by bus. Nikubaya.


MCA Nding’uli the Vice-chair of the Jlac committee has been kicked out during wiper Preliminaries.

MCA Stephen Muthale the Vice-chair of the kitui County Assembly Public Service Board has been thrown under the bus.

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Even those who won through malpractice are likely to be shown the door in the general election. Does this beg the question are these MCAs likely to be thrown under the sewer in the general election? Only Time will tell.

More to follow.