Kitui Finance CECM Mary Nguli Quits In A Huff


It is Official: the County financial guru Madam Mary Nguli has finally resigned from Kitui county government where she was seconded by the National government, The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The financial expert is said to be heading back to the National Treasury where she was working before being appointed by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

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Media quoted Ngilu saying that Mary was one of the most brilliant and highly knowledgeable people around the Governor Ngilu.

She is irrefutably a unique and valuable resource. Everyone including the top government critics knows that she was among the best in matters finances including herself. still, she has good working relationship with Governor and many others in government, the county Diary has learnt.

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The news of the resignation of county finance executive member has taken many in surprises, with many saying its big blow to the people of Kitui, The minister has for many times had spat with county assembly members over financial matters.

The Governor Ngilu has been advised to do a major surgery at the county treasury department, The Infighting and supremacy battle in county treasury Office stings to the high heaven.

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We wish the immediate County finance CEM well in her future endeavor probably back to the national treasury.